Ten Inventions: Updated

After looking at my fellow peers' blog post I have revised my list of top ten inventions of all time as the following:

  1. Written Language - Written language is a fundamental aspect of human society. Without language, it is difficult to communicate innovative ideas or even socially interact in the first place. Written language predates everything from newspapers, mass media, journalism, social media, to scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles. In many ways, written language is a fundamental instrument of innovation. 
  2. Sewage Systems - Sewage systems allow for exponentially increased hygiene, reducing illness and disease. In effect, sewage systems have increased the human lifespan.
  3. Vaccinations - Vaccinations are debatably one of the greatest medical innovations of all time. Vaccinations not only protect individuals, but they can eliminate traces of a disease on a large scale. Vaccinations are also not limited to our common conceptions of infectious disease (e.g. ebola, measles, polio, etc). Vaccinations can prevent viruses associated with cancers from infecting individuals, reducing the susceptibility to such cancers.
  4. Lightbulb - The light bulb has allowed individuals to learn, study, and work independent from natural light that is limited by time of day as well as weather conditions. If light bulbs were to cease to exist then productivity would take a steep decline. 
  5. Feminine Products - Feminine products have mobilized women for years. From tampons, that allow women to comfortably participate in various activities, to pain relievers designed for the menstrual cycle, feminine hygiene products are essential to the lives of every woman. (And unfortunately their importance is often overshadowed)
  6. Battery - The battery has allowed for several mobile devices to exist - from smart phones, to laptops, to flashlights, to calculators - batteries are in many ways integral components of modern day society.
  7. Antibiotics - Antibiotics not only serve critical treatments to various infections, but they also serve a significant purpose in the biotech industry. Antibiotics allow for selection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, streamlining the production of gene clones.
  8. Wheel - The wheel is debatably one of the most credited inventions of all time. The wheel has served as the crux of transportation - from wheelbarrows to automobiles to planes. 
  9. Anesthesia - Anesthesia has allowed for many surgical procedures to occur in a pain minimized way - from smaller procedures like wisdom teeth removal, to much bigger ones, like coronary artery bypass surgeries.
  10. Printing Press - The printing press has revolutionized education. Whether it be printing books to educate students on a specific subject matter or educate the public on current occurrences, the printing press has facilitated a diffusion of knowledge that is the backbone of modern society and innovation.

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