Last Week: Semester Recap

IEOR 190G has been very supplemental to my undergraduate career and professional interests. I'm a Molecular Biology and Legal Studies double major who was introduced to patents in the context of economic access to medicines. Throughout this semester I've actually been working on a senior thesis on "Patenting Hematopoietic Stem Cell Technologies: Implications for Follow-On Innovation". This project looked at patents from an economic perspective, asking the question "Do patents really impact innovation? Do they hinder innovation? Do they stimulate it?"

Despite this background in patents, I did not have a good, tangible grasp for what patents are until I took this class and we learned how to break through claims. Furthermore, my background in patents is restricted to healthcare related innovations, as opposed to other fields like mobile devices. This class really broadened my understanding of patents and innovations in all sorts of fields. 

I think the biggest takeway I got from this class was a feel for patent litigation. I've never looked at so many patent disputes - whether it involve infringement, or obviousness. This class not only let me engage in healthcare related patent cases that I looked up, but I also learned a lot from my fellow peers about patent cases involving various tech companies. In short, it's been a pretty insightful semester, and this was a great class to end my senior year with. 

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