Moving Forward

Up until now, I've used this blog for a class I was taking last semester: IEOR 190G - Mobile Wireless Networking & Patent Engineering Blog. Now that class is over and I've graduated I've decided to continue this blog and keep on writing about patents, innovation, and biotech.

That said, I think it's appropriate to write about a couple of personal updates, in keeping with my about tag.

I graduated from UC Berkeley about a month ago with bachelor's degrees in Molecular and Cell Biology - Genetics and Legal Studies. Before graduating, I submitted my honors thesis (Patenting Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Implications for Follow-On Innovation) to my faculty advisor and presented my project at Berkeley's Legal Studies Conference.

My graduation cap

MCB Commencement 

I recently retired my pipette at the academic lab I was working at, and I'm currently on the job hunt for a research position in a cool, disruptive biotech company. 

I'm spending my evenings studying for the LSAT which I'll be taking late September.

I'm contemplating starting a long term research project on adjudicatory perceptions of scientific data. 

I've been meeting new people, discovering new trails, and adding to my portfolio. I'm excited for some upcoming trips to Portland, London and Seattle. 

This new chapter of my life is exciting, but uncertain. So I'm a bit nervous to see what it brings, but I look forward to learning new things, expanding my horizons, and making my own impact on the world. 

Discovered this amazing coffee spot in Fremont.

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